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Last WKT: 86

Last Man: 44

Runs Req: 93

Overs Left: 0






5 Kiran Carlson *





6 Chris Cooke










10 Jamie Overton *





1 Johann Myburgh





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Glamorgan 89/4 Jul 20th, 21:05

That is a quality over from Johann Myburgh and great captaincy from Lewis Gregory!

WICKET! Glamorgan 87/4 Jul 20th, 21:04

GONE!!!! On comes Johann Myburgh and he makes the breakthrough!!!! Khawaja is caught trying a lap-sweep and Glamorgan are 86/4!!!

Glamorgan 85/3 Jul 20th, 21:02

In comes Johann Myburgh for his first bowl of the 2018 Vitality Blast

Glamorgan 84/3 Jul 20th, 21:02

Glamorgan 75/3 Jul 20th, 20:55

REPLAY: Great work from RVDM and Steve Davies!!! Glamorgan 75/3 from 8 overs and the RRR is 9.61 an over

WICKET! Glamorgan 74/3 Jul 20th, 20:54

Burns out, stumped by Steve Davies from the bowling of RVDM!! Glamorgan 74/3 in the 8th

Glamorgan 71/2 Jul 20th, 20:50

Good over from Max Waller and it’s Roelof van der Merwe back into the attack also

PHOTO Jul 20th, 20:45

REPLAY Jul 20th, 20:43

WICKET! Glamorgan 52/2 Jul 20th, 20:40

INGRAM GONE!!!! He gets a leading edge to Abell at mid-off and Craig Overton gets the breakthrough!!!

Glamorgan 27/1 Jul 20th, 20:31

Usman Khawaja has got off to a flyer here and it’s 27/1 from 2 overs. Craig Overton to bowl the third

WICKET! Glamorgan 7/1 Jul 20th, 20:27

Max Waller has his 99th T20 wicket for Somerset, trapping Donald LBW!!! Glamorgan 7/1

Glamorgan 0/0 Jul 20th, 20:24

Here we go, Max Waller to bowl the first over. A reminder he has 98 T20 wickets for Somerset and this is his 100th T20 as well!

Somerset 190/5 Jul 20th, 20:15

Somerset end on 190/5 from 20 overs here in Cardiff. Thoughts on that total?

Corey Anderson 59 from 29
James Hildreth 56* from 34

Somerset 182/5 Jul 20th, 20:10

SIX!! Lewis Gregory has done very well to dig this out and send it over the ropes!! Somerset 182/5 from 19 overs

HILDRETH FIFTY! Jul 20th, 20:08

Somerset 168/5 Jul 20th, 20:06

2 overs to go then in the Somerset innings and the score is 168/5. James Hildreth has 47*

Somerset 158/5 Jul 20th, 20:00

We said a couple of overs ago how important the Anderson innings was, and he has certainly delivered the goods there and set up a strong total for Somerset

WICKET: Somerset 156/5 Jul 20th, 19:59

Corey Anderson skies to long-on, who takes a fine catch. Top innings from Corey though, 59 from 29 balls!

Somerset 156/4 Jul 20th, 19:57

Corey Anderson deposits Ingram over mid-wicket for six more!!! He has 59* and Somerset 156/4 from 16 overs

ANDERSON FIFTY! Jul 20th, 19:54

Somerset 144/4 Jul 20th, 19:54

Corey Anderson goes to fifty with another monster six!!!! Somerset 144/4 from 15 overs

Somerset 130/4 Jul 20th, 19:48

Another good over for Somerset and the score is 130/4 from 14 overs. What would be a decent score here?

Somerset 112/4 Jul 20th, 19:44

50 partnership between these two, brought up with a beautiful drive to the boundary from Hildreth!

Somerset 102/4 Jul 20th, 19:42

The next couple of overs are crucial for Somerset here. This partnership is developing nicely and Anderson seems crucial to what target can be posted

Somerset 101/4 Jul 20th, 19:40

SIX!! That is very large from Corey Anderson, hitting the off-spinner way over his head for a maximum!! Hundred comes up – 101/4 from 12

Somerset 92/4 Jul 20th, 19:37

Somerset battling hard here in Cardiff after losing the toss. The score is 92/4 from 11 overs with Anderson clubbing his way to 20*

PHOTO Jul 20th, 19:33

Somerset 78/4 Jul 20th, 19:32

10 overs gone here in Cardiff and the rain has eased once again. Somerset 78/4 with Hildreth 9* and Anderson 11*

Somerset 69/4 Jul 20th, 19:29

That’s a fine shot from Hildreth. He comes down the pitch, bowler bangs it in, Hildreth guides over point for a one-bounce four!

Somerset 63/4 Jul 20th, 19:26

Corey Anderson is the new man and he gets underway with a clubbed boundary through mid-wicket

PHOTO Jul 20th, 19:24

WICKET: Somerset 59/4 Jul 20th, 19:23

Abell skies to the keeper and falls for 10. It’s raining again with Somerset 59/4

Somerset 45/3 Jul 20th, 19:15

End of the powerplay and it’s probably Glamorgan who are just in front with those 3 wickets. Still plenty of batting to come for Somerset however

WICKET: Somerset 44/3 Jul 20th, 19:13

Peter Trego feathers a ball that takes off from van der Gugten. Somerset 44/3 in the 6th

WICKET: Somerset 42/2 Jul 20th, 19:10

Johann Myburgh is caught on the leg side boundary for 23. Somerset 42/2 in the 6th over

WICKET: Somerset 39/1 Jul 20th, 19:05

Steve Davies is caught on the deep square-leg boundary for 15. Somerset 39/1 in the 5th

Somerset 39/0 Jul 20th, 19:04

Somerset 25/0 Jul 20th, 18:59

Good over from the experienced Hogan and restricts Somerset to just singles in the over

PHOTO Jul 20th, 18:57

Somerset 20/0 Jul 20th, 18:56

A let off for Johann Myburgh as he is dropped at long-on but it’s another good over for Somerset

Somerset 14/0 Jul 20th, 18:53

SHOT! Steve Davies takes a couple of boundaries from the first over! Now Myburgh climbs into one and sends it over mid-wicket!

Somerset 0/0 Jul 20th, 18:49

Out come Steve Davies and Johann Myburgh and almost in a flash we are all set here. Amazing really given the covers were on 15 minutes ago but there we go

LIVE STREAM Jul 20th, 18:47

Unfortunately no live stream tonight!

UPDATE Jul 20th, 18:43

We will start at 6:50pm, still 20 overs a side. Glamorgan win the toss and elect to bowl first

PHOTO Jul 20th, 18:27

UPDATE Jul 20th, 18:13

Raining fairly heavily now and the umpires are coming to have a look with their umbrellas up

UPDATE Jul 20th, 18:03

Toss delayed here due to rain. Fairly heavy now

17:40 Jul 20th, 17:41

We are around 20 minutes from the toss here in Cardiff amid some concern about the weather. The latest radar suggests that we could be in for some rain during the course of the match. Could be a vital toss to win!

17:24 Jul 20th, 17:25

Just over an hour until we get underway here in Cardiff and the clouds have set in. It’s actually quite gloomy here at the moment

HIGHLIGHTS Jul 20th, 16:47

Good Afternoon! Jul 20th, 16:27

Hello from Cardiff! After the highs of Lord’s yesterday, here we are again 24 hours later for more Vitality Blast action. It’s currently sunny and dry here in the Welsh Capital but there is a threat of some rain later on. Hopefully this will be after the game finishes but it’s one to keep your eye on as we head into the evening.

Join us throughout as we provide live updates and video clips

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