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Last WKT: 154

Last Man: 0

Runs Req: 167

Overs Left: 0.0






10 Blessing Muzarabani





11 Brandon Glover *










9 Jamie Overton *





11 Jack Brooks





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SOMERSET WIN!! Aug 9th, 17:40

Well, that all finished pretty quickly!! Northants have collapsed here to give Somerset victory by 165 runs!

WICKET! Northants 153/9 Aug 9th, 17:35

GONE!!! And another one!!! Northants 9 down now!!! Jamie Overton the man to remove Procter and Somerset on the brink!!

WICKET! Northants 153/8 Aug 9th, 17:30

GONE!!! Sanderson gone!!! He’s LBW to Jack Brooks, who picks up his third wicket! Northants 153/8

WICKET! Northants 153/7 Aug 9th, 17:27

Jack Brooks again!!! Good catch low down by James Hildreth!! Somerset have caught absolutely brilliantly in this match!! Berg gone for 0, Northants 153/7

WICKET! Northants 148/6 Aug 9th, 17:22

OUT!! Rossington is LBW to Jamie Overton!! Another big step towards victory for Somerset with Northants 148/6 chasing 322

WICKET! Northants 148/5 Aug 9th, 17:19

GONE!! Big breakthrough for Somerset!! Amazing really, after so many balls passing the outside edge, it’s a strangle down the leg-side that does the trick!

Northants 121/4 Aug 9th, 16:55

Somerset right on the money since tea and very unlucky to have not made further breakthroughs. Craig Overton and Josh Davey beating the bat on regular occurrence. Northants 121/4

Northants 119/4 Aug 9th, 16:45

Terrific over from Josh Davey there. Very consistent line and causing all sorts of problems. Somerset need to simply stay patient, still enough movement on offer to keep them interested

WICKET! Northants 108/4 Aug 9th, 16:23

Davey strikes in the first over after tea!! Vasconcelos is caught at second slip for a well-made 52 and Northants are 108/4, chasing 322 to win

TEA REPORT Aug 9th, 16:11

After four sessions of out-of-control action, something resembling first-class cricket occurred between lunch and tea on the second day at Wantage Road as Northamptonshire made 104 for 3 chasing 322 to beat Somerset.

A kamikaze morning saw 160 runs scored in 25 overs for the loss of seven wickets in Somerset’s second innings. Jamie Overton helped slug another 48 runs in 37 balls after lunch before being last out for 68 as the visitors were dismissed for 222 in just 39.1 overs.

Northants also decided that positivity was required to have a sniff of the target and Ricardo Vasconcelos struck six fours in 10 balls to reach 52 not out at tea.

But three more wickets fell. Josh Davey got a ball to seam away from Ben Curran on a tight line and he edged to second slip. Emilio Gay poked at a back of a length ball from Jamie Overton and was well held at first and Rob Keogh lobbed a leading edge back to Jack Brooks as he looked to work to leg.

WICKET! Northants 51/3 Aug 9th, 15:21

GONE!! Jack Brooks!! Keogh is caught and bowled via the leading edge and Northants are now 51/3

PHOTO Aug 9th, 15:15

WICKET! Northants 46/2 Aug 9th, 15:14

Gay is caught at first slip by James Hildreth!! Jamie Overton strikes and Northants are 46/2 chasing 322

WICKET! Northants 21/1 Aug 9th, 14:39

OUT!! Josh Davey has Somerset up and running!! Good ball from around the wicket has Curran edging to Jamie Overton at 2nd slip. Northants 21/1

Northants 0/0 Aug 9th, 14:19

Here comes Craig Overton to bowl at Curran. Oooo nearly picks up a wicket first ball of the innings as the ball whizzes past the outside edge

WICKET: Somerset 222 all out Aug 9th, 14:11

ALL OUT: Jamie Overton is caught behind for a magnificent 68 from 43 balls. Somerset are dismissed for 222 and the hosts will require 322 to win

Somerset 217/9 Aug 9th, 14:04

SIX!! The Somerset lead is now past 300 as Jamie Overton smokes one over long-off! This is now Jamie’s highest score in First-Class cricket

Somerset 196/9 Aug 9th, 13:57

50 for Jamie Overton!! He joins his twin brother in scoring a vital half-century for Somerset today!

196/9, lead by 295

WICKET: Somerset 187/9 Aug 9th, 13:49

Josh Davey clips it straight to mid-on and falls for 5. Jack Brooks makes his way to the middle

Somerset 175/8 Aug 9th, 13:41

We are back underway after lunch

LUNCH REPORT Aug 9th, 13:19

With this match hurtling along at breakneck speed, Somerset simply decided to strap in for the ride on the second morning. But instead of merely bracing themselves for the bumps down the mountain, they floored the accelerator. Eventually it proved sound thinking as they took lunch at Wantage Road 175 for 8 in their second innings, leading Northamptonshire by 274.

After 21 wickets fell on the opening day, the visitors decided that to attack was the only viable tactic and hammered 160 in 25 overs. But the aggression took its time to bear results.

At 53 for 6, Somerset only led by 152 but finally found a partnership. Craig Overton and Roelof van der Merwe swung successfully to add 67 in 51 deliveries with Overton eighth out having struck six fours and three sixes. His 53 in just 30 balls – comfortably the highest score of the match so far – could be the match-clinching contribution.

It then became death-by-Overton for Northants as Jamie took six boundaries in reaching 32 not out from 23 balls by the break.

LUNCH: Somerset 175/8 Aug 9th, 13:03

Somerset have scored 160 runs in the session and lost 7 wickets. This game continues at a rapid pace!

Brilliant work from both Overton twins and Roelof van der Merwe

WICKET: Somerset 151/8 Aug 9th, 12:39

Craig Overton departs, well caught at deep mid-on, but a fine knock and given Somerset plenty of momentum

Somerset 151/7 Aug 9th, 12:35

Craig Overton!!! What a knock from just 29 balls!

PHOTO Aug 9th, 12:31

WICKET: Somerset 120/7 Aug 9th, 12:22

Roelof van der Merwe well held in the slips and goes for a crucial 30. Somerset 120/7, lead is 219

50 partnership! Aug 9th, 12:08

Just 35 balls taken to get there from Craig Overton and Roelof van der Merwe!

Somerset 101/6 Aug 9th, 12:07

That’s the 200 lead for Somerset as Roelof van der Merwe carves one over extra cover for six! Thrilling work!

Somerset 91/6 Aug 9th, 12:03

Craig Overton taking the attack to Northampton here and moves to a crucial 30* with a bunt down the ground to the boundary

PHOTO Aug 9th, 11:59

Somerset 73/6 Aug 9th, 11:51

SIXES!! Yesss Craig Overton!!! Every run priceless for Somerset and two maximums on the board

WICKET: Somerset 53/6 Aug 9th, 11:37

Steve Davies is bowled by Berg. Somerset 53/6

WICKET: Somerset 52/5 Aug 9th, 11:33

Tom Banton adjudged caught behind for 2. Somerset 52/5

WICKETS: Somerset 50/4 Aug 9th, 11:27

James Hildreth LBW to a very full delivery from Berg. Eddie Byrom is then caught at slip. Somerset 50/4 and lead by 149 runs

WICKET: Somerset 15/2 Aug 9th, 11:00

Tom Abell is caught behind in the first over of the day. Somerset 15/2

LIVE STREAM Aug 9th, 10:56

The stream is now up and running. A refresh may be required to see the link

LIVE STREAM Aug 9th, 10:49

A live stream, courtesy of our colleagues at Northants, will be available for day two shortly. We will pop the link on this page once available

CURRENT SCENE Aug 9th, 10:44

HIGHLIGHTS Aug 9th, 10:19

DAY TWO Aug 9th, 10:03

Hello from Northampton! We’ve just about recovered from a crazy day of cricket yesterday and are ready for day two! It’s slightly overcast this morning but the forecast is good for the day and no interruptions are expected. Play will resume at 11am

CLOSE OF PLAY Aug 8th, 18:43

That’s the end of a crazy day of cricket! 21 wickets have fallen in the day, with the hosts recording their lowest ever score against Somerset in First-Class cricket. The lead is 114 heading into day two

WICKET: Somerset 0/1 Aug 8th, 18:15
OUT: Tom Lammonby is LBW to Glover for 0. Somerset 0/1 and that is 21 wickets in the day
Somerset 0/0 Aug 8th, 18:10

Here come Eddie Byrom and Tom Lammonby! We’ve still 10 overs to go today

PHOTO Aug 8th, 18:08

WICKET!! Northants 67 all out Aug 8th, 18:02

It’s all happening here! The home side have lost 9 wickets for 23 runs and 5 wickets for 2 runs! 67 all out

WICKET! Northants 67/8 Aug 8th, 17:54

That is a stunning grab from James Hildreth at slip!! Berg gone for 0 and Jamie Overton strikes!

WICKET! Northants 67/7 Aug 8th, 17:40

OUT!! Craig Overton picks up another Northants wicket, this time caught behind!! 67/7 the score

WICKET! Northants 65/6 Aug 8th, 17:16

GONE!! Davey again and Somerset are now right on the money with the ball! Procter is LBW and Northants are 65/6

PHOTO Aug 8th, 17:12

WICKET!! Northants 53/5 Aug 8th, 17:05

OUT!! Jack Brooks traps Thurston LBW to a full delivery and Somerset on top here in Northampton!

WICKET! Northants 53/4 Aug 8th, 16:59

OUT!! Another fine delivery this from Josh Davey!! An inswinger sees the back of Keogh for 2. Northants 53/4

PHOTO Aug 8th, 16:49

WICKET! Northants 46/2 Aug 8th, 16:45

Big breakthrough for Somerset and a much needed one. It’s Jack Brooks running out Vasconcelos in fine style!


PHOTO Aug 8th, 16:17

WICKET! Northants 9/1 Aug 8th, 15:52
OUT!! 300 First-Class wickets for Craig Overton!! Gay is caught behind for a duck and Northants are 9/1
PHOTO Aug 8th, 15:44

Northants 4/0 Aug 8th, 15:38

Craig Overton bowling the first over here after Tea

Somerset 164/9 Aug 8th, 15:16

That’s the 50 partnership for the last wicket! The second time in 2 matches that this has occurred for Somerset. Jack Brooks currently averages 108 with the bat this summer

Somerset 158/9 Aug 8th, 15:10

Jack Brooks now up to 33* in typical fashion, and is now Somerset’s top scorer!

Somerset 146/9 Aug 8th, 15:03

Last wicket partnership up to 32 now now and this could prove so valuable for Somerset. They’ve played nicely and picked off any wayward bowling with conviction 

Somerset 131/9 Aug 8th, 14:52

Lovely straight drive from Jack Brooks and a nice little partnership this for Somerset

WICKET: Somerset 114/9 Aug 8th, 14:42

Josh Davey edges a drive and is caught in the slips for 1. Somerset 114/9

WICKET: Somerset 110/8 Aug 8th, 14:26
Jamie Overton gets a leading edge and is caught at mid-off. Somerset 110/8
WICKET: Somerset 96/7 Aug 8th, 14:14
Craig Overton edges Sanderson to third slip and goes for 16. Somerset 96/7
PHOTO Aug 8th, 14:10

Somerset 95/6 Aug 8th, 14:09

Roelof van der Merwe taking the aerial route as several balls misbehaving previously. Might be a good option for him here as he pumps Sanderson over mid-off

Somerset 83/6 Aug 8th, 14:01

Craig Overton dropped at third slip to a ball that again leaps up off a length. It’s gone for four and Somerset up to 83 for six

WICKET: Somerset 77/6 Aug 8th, 13:48
Hildreth edges a rising ball from Sanderson through to the keeper. Somerset 77/6
Somerset 75/5 Aug 8th, 13:45

Back underway after lunch. A new stream link, via Northants, is now available on this page. A refresh may be required 

LUNCH REPORT Aug 8th, 13:17

There are few for whom lockdown was a blessing but Brandon Glover is perhaps one of them. The enforced delay to his Northants debut allowed him an extended recovery time from the ankle injury with which he arrived in the UK. Fully fit and with hunger to impress no doubt having grown, he enjoyed an excellent first morning for his new team, taking two wickets as Somerset slid to 74 for 5 at lunch as Wantage Road welcomed the Bob Willis Trophy.

It took Glover nine balls to strike but he had Eddie Byrom to thank for his maiden Northants wicket as the left-hander slashed at a wide length ball, feet cemented in his pre-delivery stance, and feathered an edged to wicketkeeper Adam Rossington.

He second, nine balls later, was not exactly by design either as Tom Abell was strangled down the leg side and Somerset were 7 for 3. Another leg side edge should have seen Glover remove Tom Banton too, for only 4, but Rossington spilled a diving chance having appeared to have the ball in his grasp. 

But Banton couldn’t make the most of the opportunity as he chopped a back of a length ball from Gareth Berg onto his stumps for 18.

It really was a morning of Somerset not helping themselves having elected to bat. Tom Lammonby shouldered arms to Ben Sanderson from round the wicket and lost his off stump for 1. And Steve Davies, on 13, drove loosely at Sanderson in the over before lunch and was also bowled.

WICKET: Somerset 74/5 Aug 8th, 13:02

Steve Davies is bowled by Sanderson around the wicket for 13. Somerset 74/5 and that will be lunch

SHOT! Somerset 70/4 Aug 8th, 12:51

Exceptional cut shot by James Hildreth as the ball races to the boundary. Whisper it quietly but batting looks a bit easier out there at the moment. James Hildreth does play that cut shot very very well, as this stat proves

PHOTO Aug 8th, 12:35

LIVE STREAM Aug 8th, 12:27

Live stream, courtesy of Northants, back up and running and available on a new link

WICKET: Somerset 36/4 Aug 8th, 12:14

Tom Banton is bowled by Berg via the inside edge for 18. Somerset 36/4

LIVE STREAM Aug 8th, 11:54

A new stream now available via Northants, might just need to refresh your page

TWEET Aug 8th, 11:52

Somerset 11/3 Aug 8th, 11:37

Not the best start here for Somerset but looking at this pitch, there definitely seems to be variable bounce out there. Both James Hildreth and Tom Banton not looking in any comfort

PHOTO Aug 8th, 11:36

WICKET: Somerset 7/3 Aug 8th, 11:24

Tom Abell strangled down the leg-side and Somerset are 7/3

WICKET: Somerset 7/2 Aug 8th, 11:20

Tom Lammonby is bowled by Sanderson for 1 playing no stroke. Somerset 7/2

WICKET: Somerset 7/1 Aug 8th, 11:18

Eddie Byrom is caught behind off the bowling of Glover for 6. It was an attempted cut stroke that wasn’t quite short enough. Somerset 7/1

LIVE STREAM Aug 8th, 11:07

Now up and running!

Somerset 0/0 Aug 8th, 11:00

Right, here we go then with Eddie Byrom and Tom Lammonby making their way to the middle. Perfect day for cricket here in Northampton

A live stream, courtesy of Northants, will be live shortly

TWEET Aug 8th, 10:56

TWEET Aug 8th, 10:44

TOSS Aug 8th, 10:36
Somerset win the toss and elect to bat first under sunny skies
LIVE STREAM Aug 8th, 10:35

Whilst we wait on the outcome of the toss, just a reminder that a live stream will be available courtesy of Northamptonshire CCC and will appear on our match centre once available 

SOMERSET XI Aug 8th, 10:31

Good morning! Aug 8th, 09:39

Hello from Northampton! Somerset are back in Bob Willis Trophy action this morning, and it’s a beautiful day to get underway with! The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky as we look set to get underway at 11am. Check out the homepage of this website for a full match preview 


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