A Legend Reborn

Legends, traditions and passion have been forged within Somerset County Cricket Club since the moment of our conception in 1875.

The Club crest is an integral element of the very fabric on which our long and proud history has been built.

For over 100 years some of the greatest players that the game has ever seen have proudly “worn the Wyvern” and life-long memories have been created and witnessed on the hallowed turf of the Cooper Associates County Ground.

During this time the Wyvern has undergone numerous changes in design but the history, tradition and passion that it represents has remained unchanged. The Wyvern is Somerset County Cricket Club.

As we build on the successes of this summer and move towards an exciting new future, our crest, one of the intrinsic elements that makes Somerset County Cricket Club unique and recognisable across the globe, is changing.

As the game, and indeed the world, evolves we must evolve in turn.

Somerset County Cricket Club are therefore proud to be able to present The Wyvern Reborn.

SCCC Strategy Director, Sarah Trunks said: “A rebrand of something as sacred as the Club crest must be handled with respect and great care. The Wyvern is Somerset County Cricket Club. It represents every player and every person who has ever been touched by the Club. It represents the glorious past, but it will also represent the history that has yet to happen.

“The Club and our Design Partner, Peloton Design have done a terrific amount of research into the Club crest and how it has been represented since 1875. The actual design of the Wyvern has changed several times since then and the current version bares only a small resemblance to the original.

“What we wanted to do was to revert back to a design that was truer to the original design whilst also creating something that was striking, vibrant and fit for the purpose of carrying the Club forward into the future.

“We have therefore utilised aspects of the previous Wyverns whilst also incorporating sharper new design elements in order to make the crest really leap from the page or the shirt.

“We have widely consulted with Members of the Club’s General Committee whilst also working alongside the players and the non-playing staff. We want to have a crest that our Members and supporters can identify with and that the players are proud to wear on their chests. I believe that we have achieved this because the feedback has been universally positive.

“I would like to thank Peloton Design for their efforts in helping us to create the new crest. I feel that they have encapsulated exactly what Somerset County Cricket Club is all about.”

Tom Lack of Peloton Design said: “With an exhilarating crop of international superstars and an unrivalled heritage, Somerset County Cricket Club needed a brand that could reflect its position as a leader on and off the global field.

“A symbol of strength, agility and power, the Somerset Wyvern has lived through every era of the Club’s history and is a badge of honour for players and fans alike. Over recent years its story played somewhat of a supporting role, losing sight of its core values.

“We worked with the Club and its loyal supporters to reinvigorate the legend that solidified the Club at the heart of this proud club and county.

“The reborn Wyvern is dynamic, poised for action and worn with pride on the new range of kit and merchandise produced in partnership with BLK.”

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