Chief Executive Statement on Membership

Following the announcement detailing our Membership categories and prices for 2018, it’s appropriate and sensible I share our rationale.

Firstly, it’s important to explain the backdrop.

Although we’ve ‘sold-out’ our T20 games for three consecutive seasons, we’ve not been close to full capacity at any of these fixtures. We can’t sell too many additional tickets to address this unused capacity as we need to allow for near full attendance from the 4,000 plus Members we have. If we miscalculate the number of Members attending, and the ground is over capacity, then we breach ground rules and regulations.

The costs of running a County Cricket Club are escalating, for so many reasons, and the business model must reflect this. This will be a contentious point but hopefully one understood. If we’re to retain and attract the players needed to compete for (and win) trophies, then we must ensure the Club’s finances are managed prudently. We don’t have shareholders to pay, so income generated for the Club is for the Club. It’s reinvested back into the Club.

The main change is having a separate T20 Membership, and this decision has been taken for the reasons explained above. The keys points though are as follows:

  • Club Membership is free for juniors, which is an incredible initiative
  • Platinum Members who only watch County Championship and the 50 over competition will see a reduction in cost
  • Platinum Members who only watch T20 will see a reduction in cost
  • Platinum Members who watch all formats will see a £45 increase in Membership, or higher if premium seating selected
  • Other categories of Membership in 2017 have increased marginally for 2018, but the package has improved too, namely a tourist match (or equivalent) is now included

The net change to the Club’s Membership income from these changes is actually a reduction of £150,000 based on our expectation of sales. However, the unused capacity at T20’s, which will be accurately known in the future, will be available to sell and this will compensate for the reduction in Membership income.

As the Chief Executive of Somerset County Cricket Club, I’m clear what our objectives are. We want to win trophies and provide first-class entertainment in the comfort of excellent facilities. I will balance the achievement of these objectives, and the operational challenges, with a fair pricing policy. As mentioned above, we have no wish to be highly profitably, but simply meet the costs of achieving the Club’s objectives.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support, which truly is exceptional.

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