Getting to know: Ben Warren

Throughout the year we will be introducing you to the members of the Somerset CCC Commercial Team as well as meeting some of our Official Partners.

Today it’s the turn of Ben Warren, SCCC’s Digital Marketing and Communications Executive, to answer our quickfire questions.

Job title? Digital Marketing and Communications Executive


What exactly is it that you do? I look after the Club’s digital content, so everything from social media to live streaming.


Favourite part of a matchday? Lunch


Best part of the job? Seeing the development first hand of professional cricketers from the Somerset Academy through to international cricket.


Favourite sports person? Trent Alexander-Arnold


Who would you most like to have dinner with past or present? Jurgen Klopp


What’s the best thing you’ve ever done? Take an interest in cricket!


Favourite place to eat? The Somerset Press Box


Favourite pub? Ring of Bells


Describe yourself in five words. Calm. Determined. Easy-going. Relaxed. Cricket-badger


Favourite thing to do away from the office? Travel


Cream first or jam first? Cream


What superpower would you like to have? Re-incarnation


Interesting fact about you? My first ever trip to watch Liverpool at Anfield I witnessed Steven Gerrard slip against Chelsea, never forgiven myself.


Cook or take away? Take away


Tea or coffee? Neither, pointless non-concept in my opinion


If you could be someone else for just one day, who would it be? Lionel Messi


Night in or night out? Night in


Cats or dogs? Cats – especially Brian!


Best thing about living and working in the South West? Friendly people, amazing Somerset fans, cheaper than London.

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