The Governance proposal, which has been recommended by the General Committee, is now ready to be brought to a vote by the Membership.

All eligible Members will soon receive a communication from CIVICA, our Independent Voting Provider, and we would encourage all you to register your vote.

Further information on the Governance proposal and the revised Club Rules may be viewed below:


Voting closes at Midday on Friday, November 26th with a SGM being held at the Cooper Associates County Ground on Tuesday, November 30th at 7pm to announce the results.

In 2016 Sport England published a ‘Code for Sports Governance’, requiring sporting organisations within the UK to ‘have a clear and appropriate governance structure, led by a Board which is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the organisation’.

The ECB, in response to the ‘Code for Sports Governance,’ worked with representatives from across the game to develop a County Governance framework which was published in February 2020.

The framework, which is required to be adopted by all Counties, mirrors all sporting organisations across the UK in setting standards of good governance; requiring increased skills and diversity in decision making, ensuring accountability, greater transparency and constitutional arrangements that give Boards the prime role in decision making.

With this in mind, an independent member led review group have worked diligently to draft proposals, in a bid to ensure that Somerset County Cricket Club is in a position to provide an effective governance structure, whilst maintaining our position as a strong Members’ Club. A Member consultation event was also held recently.

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