Jamie impressed by winter training

Somerset’s Head of Science & Medicine, Jamie Thorpe has been impressed with what he has seen from the players since they returned to the Cooper Associates County Ground this winter.

“It’s been really good so far,” he said. “The players have all come back really motivated and ready to work.”

He is also looking forward to working with our new Head of Strength & Condition, Joel Tratt. “Joel has been putting the boys through their paces and he has been really enthusiastic, as we knew he would be,” he said. “It’s really important that Joel and I have a close working relationship when it comes to what we are both doing with the players and it’s been interesting to see how different clinicians go about doing things. Ultimately we are trying to achieve the same goal and that is optimal performance out on the pitch.”

Jamie outlined what the players have been doing in the last few weeks: “We’ve had testing week now and that essentially enables us to create bespoke programmes for each player. Up until Christmas we will continue to work on their Strength & Conditioning programmes to make sure that they’re getting stronger and more powerful and essentially we are working towards the point where we will introduce the skills elements again after Christmas.”

How easy is it to keep track of the players who are in Australia and Zimbabwe this winter? “The players who are overseas are reporting back to us regularly,” said Jamie. “I think those types of trips are fantastic for the younger players and it gives them the opportunity to grow as both cricketers and young men. They generally return to these shores fitter and more confident as cricketers.

“With technology the way it is nowadays, it’s pretty easy to keep in touch with those players and find out what they’re up to. Having said that, you can’t be around them 24 hours a day so part of the role is about educating players so that they make sure that they have all the information that is available to them so that they can make the correct choices. You need to find the right balance between empowering them and monitoring them.”

We also asked Jamie for an update on the fitness of both Jamie Overton and Lewis Gregory about which he said: “.Jamie is doing really well. We’ve been managing his condition in conjunction with the ECB because he is on the Fast Bowling Programme which is overseen by Kevin Shine at Loughborough. He’s strong and powerful and Joel has been blown away by how powerful he actually is. We have to make sure that he is strong and fit for March because there is no point in him being as strong and fit as he can be in December. Therefore we’ll continue to work on his strength and mobility in collaboration with the ECB who will give him the opportunity to bowl outside on certain trips and that can only be a good thing this winter.

“Lewis is still recovering really well from his surgery and his rehabilitation is going brilliantly. He is progressing swiftly and he’ll be returning to running this week. He’ll also be doing some low level bowling drills post-Christmas, so we are really pleased with where they both are at present.”

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