Jamie ready for the return of the players

The players are set to return to the Cooper Associates County Ground.

That means that Head of Science & Medicine, Jamie Thorpe has been working flat out behind the scenes to ensure that everything is ready for winter training.

“We’re ready for them,” he said this week. “It’s really important that the guys have had a chance to get away, recharge their batteries and spend some time with their families. It’s vital that everyone de-loads and has the chance to recover from the season.

“It’s been a challenging couple of years. The scheduling has been quite demanding both physically and mentally and Covid added an extra layer to all that we did. It meant that additional planning had to be taken into consideration in absolutely everything. The logistics around match preparation, travel and all those things was something that we hadn’t experienced before.”

As he explains, although the players are enjoying some time off, Jamie and his team have been in regular contact with them.

“We’ve been in contact with everyone and have been able to work with those who have been coming in and have also been making sure that our strategic planning is in place for the winter.

“Players now work for 12 months of the year. There are global tournaments, we have players representing their countries and these sorts of opportunities that arise for our players are fantastic. We see it as a success when our players go away and represent their country or appear in in these overseas white-ball competitions. This means that we have to evolve as a department because although they aren’t here, they are still our players, and we want to ensure that they give themselves the best chance of performing overseas, but also that they are ready to play and do their very best for Somerset when the domestic season comes around. Technology allows us to do this face to face, even though we aren’t actually face to face.”

2021 saw the emergence of some outstanding young players at the Club. Was Jamie impressed by how they made the transition into the First Team environment?

“I was impressed, but I wasn’t surprised,” he said. “This Club has a really engrained culture of developing young players. This has been the case for many years and the Royal London Cup was a great showcase for that this season. It was brilliant to watch the young players go out there and show that they are not far away from more First XI opportunities. It demonstrates the depth that our Pathway has and that’s really exciting.

“Although our Sports Science & Medicine team is small, it’s fully integrated within our professional squad, our Academy and our Pathway. The work that James Alway (SCCC Academy & Pathway S&C Coach) has done over the past four years has been phenomenal and we’re seeing the benefit of that when these young players come into the senior team. Their performance markers are right up there with the pros. Being a good cricketer is one thing, but these young guys are fit and strong and that’s where they can match the senior guys. To have these talented young players coming through who are also extremely fit and robust will hopefully stand them in good stead for long and successful careers.”

What does Jamie have in store for the players?

“We will begin with a period of screening so that we can get some physical markers from each player. Once this has been collated, it will help to drive what we look achieve over the winter. We will break pre-season down into blocks, which gives us the chance to see what we need to achieve in each segment. This will obviously be different for each player, and we will create individual plans and put goals in place for them to work towards.”

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