Jamie Thorpe praises pre-season efforts

With the first ball of the year now just around the corner, the dreaded pre-season training programme is almost at an end for Somerset’s players.

Head of Science and Medicine, Jamie Thorpe has been putting the squad through its paces over the last few months and he is really pleased by what he has seen over the winter.

“I’m really happy with where the boys are at the moment,” he said. “Everyone is working hard and Joel (Tratt, SCCC Head of Strength & Conditioning) has been excellent with the lads all winter. All the boys have responded brilliantly and we’re now seeing the results of all their hard work.

“Joel and I are of one mind; it’s all about cricket performance. We are here to support the lads and to help enable them to perform to the very best of their ability. Getting good screening scores is one thing, but at the end of the day it’s about what they deliver on the pitch and it’s our job to ensure that they can maximise their performance.”

As Jamie explains, it’s vital for all the staff at the Club to be working together as the start of the season approaches. “At this time of year, we work really closely with the coaching staff to make sure that the skills element is the number one priority,” he said. “After that it’s about us making sure that we work with them on the other parts of their physical and athletic development.”

Both Jamie Overton and Lewis Gregory suffered injuries which curtailed their 2017 campaigns. How have the two players been getting on in pre-season?

“They’re both doing brilliantly,” said Jamie. “They’ve been really diligent with their rehabilitation and post-Christmas we have really ramped it up for both of them. We set them both targets at the start of the winter and they’ve hit those targets, which is all we can ask for. They are both as physically prepared as they can be going in to the start of the season.”

What sort of shape are the players in as the new season looms large?

“All the guys are in really good shape,” Jamie explained. “It just goes to show the diligence of the current crop we have here. There have been cricketing improvements but also physical improvements too across the board.

“We can’t do their fitness sessions for them, just like the coaches can’t go out there and score the runs or take the wickets for them. It’s down to each individual to do the necessary work and we will support them by giving them the tools and the education they need. They all have to take responsibility for their own careers and I’m delighted that we have a squad who embrace that and are doing exactly what they should be as professional sportsmen.”

What has Jamie got planned for the next few weeks?

“It’s a case of more of the same really,” he explained. “We’ll be working with the coaching staff to make sure that the batters have had ample time in the middle and that the bowlers have got the loads in them to perform at the optimum level when that first Specsavers County Championship match against Worcestershire comes around.”

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