Joel putting the players through their paces

Somerset County Cricket Club’s new Head of Strength and Conditioning, Joel Tratt has been a busy man since taking up the role at the beginning of the month.

We spoke to him this week to see how he has settled in. “It’s been a brilliant few weeks,” he said. “Everyone across all the departments of the Club has been really welcoming. I couldn’t have asked for any more to be honest.”

He has been putting the squad through their paces over the last few weeks as he explained: “The players have really thrown themselves in to winter training and they’ve done everything that’s been asked of them and more. It’s been a really positive few weeks.

“We’ve been doing a mixture of all the different things that they need to be doing as cricketers such as speed-work, endurance-work and gym-based strength-work. We’ve tried to mix it up a little bit too with regards to where we’ve been training. We’ve done a lot of work here at the Cooper Associates County Ground but we’ve also taken them off-site.”

How does Joel put together a programme for the players? “It’s a really individual approach,” he said. “We use all the information that we gather during screening week and from my own assessments in order to build specific programmes tailored to each player. These programmes will be delivered within a framework for everyone and the feedback has been really positive.

“During screening week there was a real range of things going on. The first few days were run by our Head of Science and Medicine, Jamie Thorpe and were more physio-based but there were also some S&C elements. It’s all designed to ascertain exactly where the lads are physically which we can then compare to previous data. We’ll then do the testing again in the pre-season period to see how they have improved. Everyone did really well and it was a good week. The attitude and effort levels were outstanding so I’m really happy with where the lads are at the moment and I couldn’t ask for any more.”

What will the players be doing in the next few weeks? “We’re here until December 20th and then the boys will have a couple of weeks off,” he said. “That break is really important because we will be going really hard up until that point. We are building it up week by week in terms of volumes and intensities so they’ve got a lot more speed-work, strength-work and endurance-work ahead of them before the break!

“After Christmas the skills element will become more of a priority but they’ll still be training hard. We’ll make sure that they have the optimum balance of physical and skills work. Everything will be tailored to the individual in terms of what they’ll be doing because obviously fast bowling has a very different impact on the body to batting and wicketkeeping. It’s a pretty tough schedule but we will see the benefits of it come the summer.”

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