Joel shares his expertise with Dorset coaches

It was announced recently that Somerset County Cricket Club and Dorset Cricket have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that the two organisations work hand in hand to play a significant collaborative role in guaranteeing a strong and productive future for the game at all levels within the region.

As part of this agreement, Somerset CCC Head of Strength & Conditioning, Joel Tratt travelled to Dorset last week to work with some of their coaches.

“I went to Colehill Hall in Dorset to meet with County Coaches, District Coaches and Club Coaches.,” he explained. “The idea was to give them an insight into some S&C based elements that they can implement into their training sessions. These were centred around warm-ups and movement prep and all aimed at gaining higher-end skill execution. It’s about giving players the best chance.

“We’re fortunate enough to have professional S&C Coaches on the books here but National Counties aren’t necessarily in that position, so being able to reach out and help them has been really rewarding. The session went really well and it’s certainly something that we’ll be looking to implement again moving forward.”

How important is it for the Club to be working closely with our neighbours?

“Reaching out to our neighbouring Counties is vital,” said Joel. “There very well could be future Somerset players currently in the Dorset youth system and we need to be sharing strategies that share best practice and grow the potential players awareness to the foundation skills that professional Somerset players will need.

“It’s important to be sharing insights and helping grow the wider game of cricket in the region. If I can travel across the Region and help to add value to the County’s preparation, then I’m more than happy to do that and that will hopefully in turn have a positive impact on their delivery. That will then benefit the cricket side of things, so it really is a win-win situation for Dorset and us.

“The workshop went well but you’re not going to achieve what we both want to gain from this from a one-off session. We’ll stay in touch with the guys in Dorset and there will be some skills-based sessions to support this and we’re more than happy for Dorset to continue to tap into the S&C resources here to help benefit their young cricketers.”

SCCC Academy Director, Steve Snell said: “It’s brilliant to see Joel active in Dorset and providing his expertise. Dorset have been highly proactive in discussing with us how we can collaborate to add value in their environment.

“We are delighted that the feedback from Joel’s workshop is that it added significant value and has provided expertise in what is a fairly niche area. Our relationship with Dorset means that there will be similar initiatives from our other skills coaches in Dorset this winter. Event’s that we are certainly looking forward to making a lasting impact with.”

Richard Scott, Head Coach of the Dorset County Age Group Programme said: “The Dorset Coaches Association recently had the privilege of the company of Joel Tratt from Somerset CCC who gave a fascinating insight into modern day thinking in physically preparing cricketers. As the Head of Strength and Conditioning for Somerset, Joel took everyone through his beliefs and processes which included his RAMP framework.

“We as Coaches are forever looking for high quality variations, drills and warm ups and we all left with a much broader knowledge of how best to prepare our cricketers. We are all grateful to Somerset CCC and Joel for sharing their expertise.”

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