Members vote to accept governance proposal

Somerset County Cricket Club has conducted a detailed review of the Club’s Governance during the course of this year.

A Governance Working Group, led by Chris Bishop, consulted extensively with the Area Committees, the Club’s General Committee and our valued Members to ensure that our Club continues to thrive on and off the field, provides excellent facilities and a welcoming and inclusive experience for people from all backgrounds.

Following this extensive process, and after a proposal received General Committee approval, Members were presented with details which accommodated requirements outlined at the beginning of this vital review.

Members were then asked to vote whether or not to accept the proposal, which is designed to ensure that the Club’s governance structure reflects our community and provides support to the Executive Team and all of our staff.

A meeting was held at the Cooper Associates County Ground on Tuesday (November 30th) at which it was announced that Members had overwhelmingly voted in favour of the proposal which will:

  • ensure we employ best practice in continuing to meet our obligations to our Members, Sport England, the ECB and other stakeholders
  • ensure that we have no barriers to future funding, which is of paramount importance following the disruption caused by Covid-19
  • provide the governance necessary to support a successful cricket team on the field

Under the current Club rules, adoption of this proposal required a two thirds majority of those who voted to carry this motion forward.

It was revealed at the meeting that 98.19% voted in favour of the Club making these changes.

Next steps

Following the result of the vote, the next steps will be as follows:

  • Submit the new Club Rules to the Financial Conduct Authority for approval.
  • Start the transitional arrangements:
    • Approve the timeline and structure of the transitional Board.
    • Complete the Directors Handbook.
    • Convene the Nominations Committee.
    • Prepare the process to seek nominations for both appointed and elected Board Members.
    • Confirm the date of the 2021 Annual General Meeting.
  • Update the ECB on progress made towards compliance with the County Governance Framework
  • Clarify what steps are required to reach Gold standard (the highest level of compliance)


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