Presentation for Marcus

Before the players left the field for an early lunch on the opening day of Somerset’s final game of the season Marcus Trescothick was presented with a framed montage of photographs by former SCCC Chief Executive, Peter Anderson and Club President, Brian Rose.

Following the presentation, Marcus reflected on nearly 30 years with the Club.

“When you look back over your career, it’s always nice to hear the stats,” he said. “It’s nice to look back on it now and think that I used to be able to do that. It was quite good fun!

“I don’t remember my first game a great deal. I look at some of the photos and see how fresh faced I look and how naive I was probably more than anything else. I didn’t really have a clue of what was ahead of me at that time, but to think that I have played for 27 years is incredible.

“You go through points in every stage of your career, especially when you are younger, when you wonder how it’s going to go but you crack on and push as hard as you can to get to the next level and you hope that you can go on to play for England one day. You are always hoping that one day it will happen and luckily it did.

“I have been pretty blessed with what happened, but now it’s time to move on to something else.”

Marcus picked out a couple of highlights from his stellar career, one for England and one for Somerset.

“I think that the 2005 Ashes series is one of the highlights because it was such a pivotal time in everyone’s career who played in that competition. To win The Ashes as we did was amazing. I don’t think we ever thought that it was going to build in that fashion and be as great a series as it was.

“For Somerset it’s really tricky to pick a highlight because we have had some good times and won some good competitions. I really enjoyed my time as captain and I wish we could have taken it further, but to think that we were close to winning so many trophies, although it was tough to accept at the time, was still nice.”

How much has it meant for Marcus to have been part of the Somerset family?

“It’s been brilliant and I have made so many good friends,” he said. “It’s a great place to be and the changing rooms are a unique place, as anyone who has played sport knows, and it’s probably the part I will miss most when it’s done and dusted.”

What about the future?

“I’m still working on that at the moment, but I’m looking at coaching more than anything else. I have no clear plan as to when I might start a job. I’m in talks with a few different people and organisations, so we will have to see what pans out.”

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