Return of Christmas pig racing!

Our first official Christmas Party Night will take place at the Cooper Associates County Ground this weekend, and one of the main attractions will be the annual charity pig racing!

This year we will be raising money for the Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Musgrove Park Hospital

The toy pig racing was introduced to our Party Nights in 2013 in order to add a little extra entertainment and to help raise money for charity. It proved to be incredibly popular and made over £1500 for our chosen charity.

Ever since then, the racing has become an integral part of the evening.

Catering General Manager, Sam Safe said: “It’s that time of year again! The pigs have completed their winter training programme and are ready to go!

“Each night we ask every table if they would like to sponsor a pig for the evening for a minimum donation of £10. After all the tables had chosen their pigs, we switch them on, line them up and let them go!

“The winner is the first pig to make it across the dance floor and the winning table get a large festive cocktail bauble to enjoy. It’s good fun and this year we are absolutely delighted to be supporting the Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.”

Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (SNICU) is a specialised ward for the treatment of premature and sick newborn babies. The unit cares for sick and preterm babies within Somerset.

SNICU is a local neonatal unit and is situated in the maternity building at Musgrove Park Hospital. The unit is divided into two different areas Intensive and special care.

Unit Sister, Cathy Bowditch outlines the outstanding work that they do: “Neonatal care has traditionally focused on saving the lives of sick and premature babies through advancing technology and now a good proportion of even the smallest premature babies will survive. More recently it has been discovered that the short and long term outcomes for these babies and their families can be improved by the families presence and involvement in their baby’s care.

“The highly technical environment can be daunting, but by creating a welcoming open environment where parents can be 24/7, nurtures and helps parents to build a close and loving relationship with their baby through helping plan their baby’s care, skin-to-skin cuddles, talking, reading and singing to them, changing nappies, bathing and  feeding their babies.

“This  can  empower and enable parents to be the experts in their baby’s care so that when they leave hospital they feel in control and empowered to care for their baby with confidence as a family unit. Research has shown this type of care also supports the baby’s brain development, helps them gain weight quicker, reduces potential complications of their stay, enables them to go home quicker and helps families to build a strong, lasting bond therefore reducing  mental health problems for the parents and babies in later life.

“To enable us to continue to develop this type of care we want to be able to provide accommodation for as many parents and we can so we could use your donated money to buy some Zbeds/chair beds for our parents to enable them to sleep at the babies cot side or enable partners to stay in our single rooms.”

For more information on SNICU click here

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