SCCC to trial new video technology

Somerset County Cricket Club will be the first club to trial a new video technology system in 2019.

A number of recent high-profile controversial on-field incidents have seen calls for a system to be introduced in to the domestic game along similar lines to the widely used DRS (Decision Review System).

VAR is now widely used in football, both domestically and at international level, and in the last few weeks there have been calls for video technology reviews to be used in cricket for more than just incidents involving wickets.

Joe Kerr, spokesperson for the Decisive Umpire Pitch Evaluation System, said: “Video technology in respect of the DRS system has been hugely successful within cricket for many years now, and I don’t think that anyone would disagree that it has been hugely beneficial.

“Cricket is a unique sport in the way that it is officiated, and it is vital that such technology assists rather than replaces the on-field officials.

“The system that we use would not be difficult to implement as it would utilise the current live stream that exists at a number of First Class Counties. The 10 second delay that exists on the live stream is ideal for the implementation of our proposed system as it results in minimal hold up of the action out there on the field.”

“We are not suggesting that the DUPE system would replace DRS at the highest level, but we would be looking to assist the domestic game by allowing captains to review lbw’s and run outs but also no balls.

“Once the captain requests a review, the officials would make their way to a laptop situated near the dugouts where they would watch a replay from the live stream. Unfortunately, our system would be unavailable for catches in the outfield due to the static nature of the cameras that are currently in position at the majority of First Class grounds.

“We hope that it can be introduced in the next two years to aid the umpires within the English domestic game.”

Somerset will be working with Joe and his team over the next few months with the intention of carrying out a number trials in Second XI cricket before rolling it out in to the First XI arena.

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