Simon pleased with new hybrid pitch installation

The start of another extremely busy season is getting ever closer, and early last week Somerset Head Groundsman, Simon Lee was overseeing the installation of new SIS Grass hybrid pitches on the square, which are designed to help ease the pressure on the pitches by improving wear and maintaining quality for longer.

The SIS grass hybrid system is a new innovation within cricket, but has been used on football and rugby pitches for a number of years. Synthetic fibres are stitched into the square along the full length of the pitch. These fibres then encourage the roots from the grass above to grow down there length, helping to bind the soil, roots and fibres together to ensure that pitches can be used for longer.

Regarding the pitches, Simon said: “This is a really exciting new development in cricket and I’m glad that we’ve decided to install some hybrid pitches here at Taunton. The system promotes natural growth to increase the quality of the pitches through a synthetic fibre reinforcement of the loam within the square.

“This season is going to be our busiest ever, with three World Cup games and the Women’s Ashes Test in addition to our Somerset and Western Storm home fixtures. All that adds pressure in relation to practice pitches and this is where the hybrid system can really help us out on a small square.

“I really like the fact that a synthetic fibre helps the natural grass to give us the extra wear we are looking for. It goes hand in hand with the work we do with bio stimulant applications on the ground to naturally improve the grass growth and step away from man made fertilizers. It’s always better to work with the ground than force it to do something it doesn’t want to.”

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