Staff Profile: Kelsey Mitchell

The cheerful, smiling face of Kelsey Mitchell, who is our Deputy Event Safety Officer, has become a familiar sight around the Cooper Associates County Ground this season.

Kelsey, who was appointed back in November, explains that her job essentially entails ensuring that everyone who comes to the Ground is safe. “On match-days I help to make sure that the Ground is safe before we open the gates,” she said. “We then make sure that everyone is able to get in safely and remain so until they go home at the end of the day. We have to plan for those things that we hope will never happen, like evacuation, fire alarms, medical emergencies and I’m working alongside (Event Safety Officer) Paul Bulbeck in co-ordinating how we deal with those situations. Another area of my role is the management of the stewarding team.”

A lot of what Kelsey is doing at the moment is planning for the IT20 and the ICC Women’s World Cup, dealing with all of the safety issues surrounding those two major events.

“A lot goes on before these big events can be hosted,” she explained. “It’s an industry joke that in the job people like me do, we get paid for what doesn’t happen! It is possibly one of the only roles where people not knowing who you are is a good sign as it means you are doing your job well.

“I started here at the end of November, which was a bit strange really because there was no cricket and a lot of the players were abroad so there wasn’t the buzz around the ground that there is during the season. I’ve spent the majority of the winter planning for our International fixtures this year without seeing the ground in operation so now the season has started I’m able to see just how relevant the things that I’ve been involved in planning are.”

Kelsey didn’t realize just how well supported Somerset CCC was. “I was amazed to see how many people turned up to watch the friendly games,” she said. “Now we’ve got into the season it’s been incredible to see just how well supported the Club is. It’s also been very interesting to see the ground in operation and how every department interlinks.

“I’ve had a lot to learn quite quickly, but one of the fantastic things about the Club is that there are a lot of people who have been here a long time and know the Ground so well. The fact that you’ve got people who have been here working for 30 years or more is a sign of just how much people love working for Somerset.”

Kelsey went on: “Everyone has been incredibly helpful. The Club is a tightly knit group and everyone does what they do for the good of the Club and that’s what makes it work as well as it does. A lot of people told me how much people love their cricket in this part of the world, but now I’ve seen it I know that it’s a massive part of people’s lives. It’s great to feel a part of that.”

Kelsey explained what she was doing prior to joining Somerset. “For the last two years I was working at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford,” she said. “I was dealing with the facilities there and before that I was at the Shay Stadium in Halifax doing a similar role to the one I am doing here. I started at the bottom, working on the ground and cutting the grass, marking the lines and cleaning out the toilets so I know what’s involved! Now I’ve worked my way up through to dealing with the spectator side of things.

“There is a massive buzz around the Club this season. We want to deliver and show how well Somerset can deal with hosting Internationals and we also want to see the Somerset squad create some history on the field. We’ve been working very closely with the ECB and the ICC and developed a relationship that will hopefully lead us into a great summer and then looking forward to 2019 for the Men’s World Cup.”

Kelsey added: “This is going to be a great season and it’s great to be part of it here at Somerset!”

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