Staff Profile: Nick Yeo

Nick Yeo is a very important part of the behind the scenes staff at Somerset County Cricket Club because for the last four years he has been driving the team safely to and from their matches up and down the country.

Nick, who hails from North Devon, is a self confessed Somerset cricket fan and started following the fortunes of the team back in the Glory Years, so for him this is a dream job and he loves it.

‘Nick the Bus’ as he is known first drove the team when he was working for Berry’s Coaches, but when their contract ended Somerset gave him the chance to take the job on himself.

“I jumped at the opportunity to be bought a new coach and trade as Signature Travel with the coach painted in Somerset colours,” he said. “A coach this size would normally seat 60-odd people and is pretty much the biggest you can get on the road. We need it to be big because we carry a lot of luggage, but there are actually only 34 seats, which are well spaced out. The lads have plenty of space to stretch out and if they want they can sit around a table. In addition there is a kitchen and pretty much everything that they could want.

“I know I’m biased but I think that Somerset has got one of the best team coaches on the road. I wanted to make sure my team had the best bus and of course it’s the right colour too.”

It’s almost as if Nick was destined to be associated with Somerset.

“I was born and grew up in North Devon and I can remember the so called Glory Years and coming up to Taunton to watch Somerset play with my Dad and Grandad. Then I moved away and when I came back I started supporting the team again and got a fair bit more involved.

“We bought the bus with Somerset in mind, but we’ve picked up some work during the winter and we will be taking Taunton Titans around as well as Yeovil Town Ladies. We are also available for one-off hiring but primarily we are a sports team coach.”

Talking about his involvement with the club Nick said: “It’s an absolute dream being involved with the club and I find everybody so friendly. You hear everybody say this. They are so professional yet so friendly and that, in my mind, is a heck of an achievement to get both.

“The players treat me as part of the away team, which is great for me given that we are away for 60-65 days a year, which is a long time.”

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