Staff Profile: Penny Drake

Penny Drake has got one of the most important jobs at the Cooper Associates County Ground.

She is part of the Catering Team that provides the players with their food in the dining room of the Andy Caddick Pavilion.

We recently met up with Penny and she told us about what she does at Somerset.

“My official job title is ‘Front of House Staff’ and on average I work here for about 30 hours a week. I started here in March 2016 after coming to a recruitment evening, and I’ve been here ever since,” Penny said.

“Before we came to Taunton we lived in France for 12 years. During that time, we ran a successful holiday letting business which also involved wine education classes. I hadn’t been in a team working environment during those 12 years, so I wondered whether I could come and do something with younger people. Now I know that I shouldn’t have been worried about that.

“I really enjoy being with the players. I find them very respectful. They’re lovely people to get on with and great fun to be with. When I do their meals, I know exactly what they like and sometimes if they happen to be a late, I put them something by and little things like that because I’ve been doing the job for so long.

“I also enjoy meeting the umpires and preparing their food for them. Having been here for a 4 years now I’ve got to know some of them quite well.

“I start working with the players in March when they report back, but in the winter I stay with the Club and quite often work in The Stragglers or help with conferences so that I’m really just as busy now as I am in the summer.”

In addition to cricket, Penny has got an interest in other sports.

“Before we moved to France we enjoyed some success with the race horses we owned,” she explained. “They were with Matthew Sheppard in Herefordshire, which is where we were living then.”

What is it that Penny likes about working at the Club?

“Somerset is such a busy club and it’s so well run. I love it here. The people are lovely and very friendly. They really like and know their cricket. When I walk around the Ground on cricket days everyone speaks to me. The staff are all friendly and we have a great time working together.”

Penny added: “It was brilliant moving down to Taunton because we are close to three race courses and near to the coast as well. Of course, there’s also the cricket and I’m already counting the weeks down to when we start again.”

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