Staff Profile: Sally Donoghue

Sally Donoghue, who has been involved with Somerset County Cricket Club for over 30 years, has recently been promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer.

We caught up with her to discuss her new role and her time at the Club.

What exactly does her new role entail?

“I have been given a bit more responsibility and taken on more of a managerial role regarding the ground and leading on big projects. I have led on projects before under the guidance of the CEO’s but now I will take the lead on other development work.”

It all seems a long time ago that Sally began working at the Club.

“I started in 1986 working part-time behind the bar,” she said. “At the end of that summer one of the girls in the office was leaving to have a baby and I’d heard that she wasn’t returning, so I went and saw Tony Brown (then SCCC Secretary) and said I’d like to take her place and he said yes!

“I began as an Admin Assistant in the main office, answering the telephone and helping out with membership. I then moved into the role of Accounts Assistant, which I did for a number of years. The Accounts Manager left and I approached Peter Anderson (then SCCC CEO) about taking over her job and he said yes and put me on a year’s probation.

“That was a real learning curve for me and I loved it. I did that role for about 10 years. Peter’s Secretary then retired and because of the way that the Club was growing, he wanted to take on an Assistant and I put myself forward and got the job!

“I stayed in the role of Executive Assistant until Peter retired and then after Richard Gould came on board my role changed to Operations Manager. I became more involved with the running of the Club and that’s the role I have stayed in for the remainder of Richard’s tenure and all the way through with Guy Lavender.”

Since Sally began working for Somerset CCC she has been part of many memorable occasions.

“The trouble is that I have got so many fond memories I don’t know where to begin,” she said. “The highlights would have to be winning the Twenty20 Cup in 2005; promotion back to Division I of the County Championship in 2007; my trip to India with the squad in 2009 for the Champions League and of course, hosting this year’s England IT20.

“Some of my proudest moments have also been from hosting the large concerts. Our first one in 2006 was a massive learning curve for everyone. We were a small team who just rolled up their sleeves and got on with it and did it really well and continue to do so – we definitely punch above our weight!”

Having been part of Somerset CCC since 1986, what is it that has kept Sally coming back day after day?

“The Club just draws you back,” she explained. “To be around professional sport is a great thing to be a part of and it’s so refreshing. People are in and out all the time and the players are such fun to be around.

“There’s nothing that beats the atmosphere when the players first go out onto the pitch and the crowd are all clapping and cheering.”

Sally added: “It’s just a lovely place and we are all very lucky to be part of the Club.”

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