Thatchers 2020 Cider Barn selection

Each limited-edition Cider Barn cider tells a different story – the characteristics of an apple variety or particular blend, a cider making technique perhaps. This year we see the return of an old favourite; a new single variety; and a blend that comes from one of the West Country’s oldest and most influential orchards.

Thatchers Cox’s is making a welcome return this year. This single variety cider takes its naturally sweet and juicy flavour from the instantly recognisable characteristic of the Cox’s apple. Harvested in October, the apples are pressed at Myrtle Farm, and the fresh juice fermented and cold filtered to capture and preserve the natural zest of this ever-popular eating apple.

Bright, clear and sparkling, Thatchers Cox’s (5.3% abv) is a medium cider that captures the crisp and refreshing flavour of the apple from which it takes its name.

Thatchers Grenadier is freshly pressed from the crisp, bright green eating apple to create a gentle wine-like sparkling cider. The Grenadier apple is a favourite here at Myrtle Farm that we’ve grown in our orchards for many years, adding a gentle bite to our ciders. The apples are early to harvest, and always pressed within 24 hours of being picked for optimum flavour.

With its crisp finish, floral and fruity notes, Grenadier (7.4% abv) makes a perfect accompaniment to a meal – try it with fish, salads or perhaps an aromatic sweet chilli dish.

Christon Single Orchard Cider is a blend of apples from one of our oldest and most influential orchards. The standard orchard in Christon, nestled at the foot of the Mendip Hills, was originally planted back in 1928, and is home to traditional apple varieties including Court Royal, Frederick and Stembridge Cluster.

The orchard was planted by the founding fathers of the modern cider industry at the National Fruit and Cider Institute at the Long Ashton Research Station in Bristol in the early days of cider research. Christon Orchard is home to 25 different varieties of apple, harvested four times throughout the season, ensuring each variety is captured at its perfect ripeness.

The fresh juice has been cold fermented, carefully preserving the flavour and character of the fruit. Each small batch of juice has then been blended together before being matured in oak to create the robust and full flavoured cider.

The mix of apples blended into the new, unique Christon Single Orchard cider brings a depth and complexity to this 8.4% abv, full bodied cider.

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