Flintoff describes Trescothick as finest ever teammate

During the 2018 Vitality Blast campaign, the Cooper Associates County Ground had a famous visitor.

Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff was in the crowd for the match against Surrey and we caught up with him to discuss his memories of playing at Taunton.

“The ground development has been really impressive,” he said. “I have really fond memories Taunton. I know cricket has always been really well supported in this part of the country and to see it full during a Vitality Blast match is great.

“The first time I played here was for England U19’s against South Africa when I was 16! There were some top players playing in that match including Ashwell Prince and Marcus [Trescothick] was my Captain.

“I didn’t actually play here much for Lancashire during my time. I got left out of a Sunday League game, which I was fuming about, and watched on as Andre Van Troost bowled lightning quick. I still believe he’s the fastest and most frightening bowler I’ve ever played against. I was having a net here with England U19’s and Andre needed to prove his fitness ahead of a Somerset match, so he came over and bowled at me. He hit me three times on the head and twice on the shoulder and only two of them bounced!”

Discussing Taunton as a 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup venue, Flintoff said: “I think teams will be excited to play here. It’s been historically a great pitch to bat on and high scores will be expected. I think it’s really important that cricket is spread across the Country and the facilities here are absolutely top drawer.”

The Ashes winner was also full of praise for a former England teammate. “Marcus Trescothick is hands down the best cricketer I have ever played with,” he said. “I met him when I was 16 and got on with him from the first moment. I’d played for England a few times before he came into the side and when he made his debut at the Oval nobody knew too much about him. He went in that day and got a fine half-century after which he never looked back.

“I tell a lot of people that during all the years I was with England, Marcus was the most important player I ever shared a dressing room with. It wasn’t just the runs he scored, it was when and how he scored them. Everyone looks back to the 2005 Ashes and that knock at Edgbaston, but that really was such a vital knock in the whole series. He’s just a great bloke and still a fantastic player.”

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