Jack's Sri Lanka Diary: Part Three

Jack Leach played a pivotal role in England’s recent Test series win in Sri Lanka.

Throughout the tour Jack has been keeping us up to date with his exploits in his Sri Lanka diary.

Here is the third and final installment:

“It’s been an amazing few weeks, full of great experiences. I wanted to come out here and help England win Test matches, so to win the series three nil is very special. It was a great dressing room to be in and to be involved was brilliant.

“I’ve learned a lot, which is exciting because I can now work on some things and hopefully get better. To learn when you’re winning is a good thing, but it’s not been easy. There were periods where I could have played better and hopefully I can improve those areas moving forward.

“A lot of people have been talking about the run out on the final day, but it wasn’t quite as smooth as it looked on tv. Basically I was in that position because I couldn’t get my towel back in to my trousers in time, so I went and threw it over the boundary rope just as the ball was being bowled. Obviously it got knocked in to the leg side where I was slightly out of position and I heard them call for two. I was gutted because I thought I’d conceded two when I should have stopped two. I heard the call to throw to the bowlers end and I just knew as soon as I’d thrown it that it was going to hit. When it hit middle stump I think it was probably the best feeling I’ve had on a cricket field. It was a big moment on that day and in that game. They’d developed a good partnership and there wasn’t that much happening out there.

“As a team we’ve had a few moments like that throughout the tour. There was Stokesey’s run out in the second Test and everyone has made a contribution at some point during the tour. It’s been a real team effort and everyone has played their part.

“There was a really good atmosphere throughout the tour and everyone gets on really well. It’s very easy to interact and we do a lot of things together. When we were sat in the dressing room after the game singing songs and having a few drinks you could really tell how close we have all become. That was a real strength of this squad and Rooty is keen to take that forward and build it in to the culture of the England team and we all bought in to that. There are some great players involved and some great characters too. It was a special team to be a part of.

“The night before the fourth day Jos and I were playing around with some lyrics for a song in the hope that we would win. However, on that last day I was starting to get a bit worried that we wouldn’t get a chance to sing it! When Rooty came in with his guitar we wanted to see if we could get the words to fit a song and it worked! That song became a big part of the night and we all kept singing it as loud as we could. The team atmosphere was amazing and it kind of reminded me of playing for Somerset and even for Taunton Deane. That team spirit definitely played a part in us winning the series.

“I’m starting to make the long journey home and I can’t wait to catch up with friends and family and share my experiences. I’ve had so many messages of support over the last few months and it’s great to see that it means so much to so many people. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me a message.

“Now it’s just a case of heading back home and I’ll be back in training with Somerset in a week or so. As I said, there are things that I want to work on and I’m keen to get to work on those as soon as possible.”

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