Jason delighted by opening win

Somerset Head Coach, Jason Kerr was absolutely delighted by the performance of his side following the comprehensive victory over Glamorgan this week.

“It was great to see us pick up from where we finished last season in terms of the brand of cricket that we were playing,” he said. “There were some brilliant individual performances, and as a team I thought we were brilliant.

“The standard of cricket was excellent. The discipline of the bowling unit was first class and there were some outstanding individual performances with the bat.”

How did Jason and the team cope with the new protocols and the restrictions that are in place?

“The biggest difference is that there is no one here,” he explained. “We’re used to playing in front of unbelievable crowds because our home support is second to none, so to play behind closed doors was very different. The segregation of the players and coaches also took a bit of getting used to but it’s important that we comply in order to get the games on and because there are bigger things happening in the world at the moment.

“The guys have adapted brilliantly and we’ve had time to get used to operating in a different way. I think the hardest thing for the guys has been to curb that emotion of taking a wicket and maintaining the social distancing guidelines. Obviously managing the ball differently is something that we have to get used to asĀ  well. The players have developed a different consciousness on the field to make sure that we’re doing the right things.

“Habitually the players have been doing what they’ve been doing out in the middle for many years. They’ve been brought up to do certain things a certain way and we’re now challenging that. It’s a testament to the lads that they have been able to adjust so quickly and put in a performance like that.

“Things are different off the field as well and everyone has been well briefed. We had dress rehearsals of things like press conferences, so we’ve become very familiar with what the procedures are very quickly. Everyone knows what to expect. The people behind the scenes have put a huge amount of work in to things like that to make sure that everything operates smoothly.”

How have the players dealt with the extended break?

“One thing it did give us was a sense of perspective. After the initial shock and the uncertainty that came with it, I think all the guys adapted really well. They tried to turn everything in to a positive and used the time to their advantage. Everyone has come back incredibly refreshed and many of them have used the time productively from a learning perspective and a lot of them used that time to help out in the local community.

“The players joined the rest of the staff in phoning many of our Members and I know that they found that incredibly rewarding. It shows that there have been a lot of experiences within a challenging time that have been really positive.”

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