Jason relishing this time together

Somerset Head Coach, Jason Kerr has been extremely impressed by the attitude of his players since they returned to the Cooper Associates County Ground earlier this month.

With a number of other counties yet to return to training, Jason is confident that the squad will make the most of this additional time together.

“We’re very fortunate that we have this opportunity to be training,” he said. “There are a lot of clubs who aren’t practising and are still using the furlough scheme. For us as a club and as an organisation it’s important that we continue to work from a philosophy point of view. I don’t think that we can get better if we’re sat at home, so I’m very grateful to the Club for supporting the desire of the guys to train.

“Since we’ve reported back, every single one of them has been outstanding. We’ve looked at some bespoke programmes and everyone who’s here wants to work and work hard. From a Head Coach’s perspective, that’s brilliant to see.”

At this time of year a large proportion of the squad are usually heading abroad to play the game. Obviously, that isn’t possible at the moment and Jason is pleased that he can make the most of the whole squad being together during the pre-season period.

“There’s a huge advantage to having the whole squad here at the moment,” he explained. “It gives the players the chance to see the sacrifices that their teammates are prepared to make. Ultimately, this time together will give everyone the opportunity to grow, get better and to understand each other. I think that’s really important for us.

“This Club is extremely family orientated and we currently have the opportunity to spend quality time with people who want to win and want to help each other get better every day. We’re seeing that on a daily basis at the moment.

“Forget the time of year, this is simply a continuation of what we try to instill in all of the guys. There’s a growth mindset in everyone who’s coming in to work and there’s a definite commitment to the cause. The attitude and intensity that I’ve seen so far in the S&C work and in the skills work has been outstanding. Myself and all of the coaches are thoroughly delighted with what we’re seeing at the moment.

“I’m sure there is a slight sense of frustration amongst the players who were hoping to be playing international cricket or who were hoping to be going abroad this winter because they all love playing the game. What I’ve been impressed with is that those guys have recognised that there is a real opportunity here in Taunton.

“This time obviously gives us the chance to work on S&C programmes and skills, but it also gives us a real chance to work on things culturally as a group. We’ve already had lots of conversations and highlighted a diverse range of things that we want to look at that we can use to our advantage.

“The Club culture that we have here has grown organically, which is great. In my time as a player and a coach I’ve seen people sit down and try to write out values and talk about culture and then expect it to evolve from a piece of paper. We’ve tried to do it differently and over the last three years this side and what they believe in has grown organically. People have got a really deep understanding of what our identity is as a team and what it means to represent Somerset. This winter really gives us the opportunity to have group discussions and dig a little bit deeper to ensure that it resonates with the players. Different things motivate different people but it’s important that we’ve all collectively got the same goals.”

What are Jason’s plans for the next few months?

“What’s unique about this year is that everything is slightly more fluid than usual. We’ve put a plan together for November and December, but we have to stay flexible. Ultimately, we are building towards the start of pre-season. I’ll certainly be pushing for us to go abroad and play some competitive cricket before the season starts if it is safe to do so. That might not be possible, and the global situation is constantly changing so we will just have to see whether that will be viable in a few month’s time.”

What does Jason hope to achieve this winter?

“There are a couple of areas that we need to improve significantly from last year and we’ve identified a few things that we will be working on both collectively and individually. It’s about pushing our own boundaries and trying to raise our skill levels even further. If we can do that then this side will grow and we’ll get better results. If we can get people to grow even between 1% to 5% then the team will grow as well and it’s vital that we keep pushing to get better.

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