Marcus looks back on his "Tres-timonial"

2018 was Marcus Trescothick’s Testimonial Year.

Just before the Christmas break we spoke to Marcus about his ‘Tres-timonial’.

“The whole year went really well,” he said. “Of course there are a few things that we still have to arrange following up from the year. There is a coaching day and some golf days that we auctioned off that still have to be sorted.”

“It was a good year, but as any other players who have been involved with this sort of thing will know, it’s also been very challenging and demands a lot of your time. However, you are just so grateful to everyone who has come along and supported any of the events or donated in anyway, because without any of them the year simply doesn’t work.”

Marcus paid tribute to the people who have been involved with running his year – the Testimonial Committee.

“I don’t think that we appreciate quite what goes on behind the scenes in running a testimonial. As players we just turn up and do our job, train in the winter and play in the summer and then go home and live our normal lives.

“Over the last few years some of the same people have been involved with Arul’s, Pete Trego’s and Hildy’s. They have been great because without their help the year wouldn’t happen. These people who work tirelessly behind the scenes and are invaluable.

“I think because we are involved with cricket everyday, living the dream if you like, it’s easy for us to forget how much people appreciate what we do for Somerset County Cricket Club.”

During his year Marcus has been supporting Children’s Hospice South West, a cause very dear to his heart.

“The bike ride that we did and various collections we have done have all been very productive financially for them. Every little bit of money that we have raised over the course of the year will help them.

“The most important thing for me is to keep on raising the awareness of the Children’s Hospice South West Charity and let people know exactly what they do.

“The people who did the bike ride got the chance to see around the hospices that we went to and I think in that way you can really appreciate what goes on, looking after children who are struggling and their families.

“We have to keep on putting the message out there and raising awareness of Children’s Hospice South West as much as we can. I’m an ambassador for the charity and will continue to support them in anyway that I can.

“Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported me in my Testimonial Year!”

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