Tim nearing return

Those attending Somerset’s Second XI match against Yorkshire at the Cooper Associates County Ground this week were treated to a very welcome sight.

Seeing Tim Groenewald back out on the field bowling after a long lay off is something that will warm Somerset supporter’s hearts.

The 34-year-old has been side-lined by a groin injury for the last few weeks but is now back with a ball in his hand, much to his delight.

We spoke to him earlier this week to get the lowdown on the injury.

“It started pretty early on in pre-season,” he said. “We had a lot of heavy outfields because of the snow and rain and that effects different people in different ways and it put a lot of load on the area. It was a problem that was manageable for a while, but it got progressively worse. It’s not a muscle injury, it’s more the tendon on the bone in the groin area. Tendons can be a bit like bones in that you never can tell exactly how long they will take to heal. Initially it took around three weeks which allowed me to play the Surrey and Essex Championship games.

“In hindsight that might have been a bit much too soon and it became a problem again. The last six weeks have been all about making sure that we are 100% ready for the final few games of the season. It’s a tendon issue, so I think it’s something that will need to be managed because you never quite know how it’s going to go. It’s not like a muscle injury where it repairs and you know that you are good to go. We’ll just have to stay on top of it until the end of the season and then after a few weeks off during the winter we’ll hopefully be ready to go again.”

It’s been a while since Tim missed any cricket, as he explained. “I might be wrong, but I think the last time I missed any of the cricket season was for two weeks about seven years ago,” he said. “Having to sit it out is a bit new to me and it’s incredibly frustrating. It’s a part of sport though I suppose, and it’s been a long time coming I guess. Over the last seven years I’ve seen guys having to miss part of the season through injury and I’ve always really felt for them. Now I know what it’s like to miss a chunk of the season and as I said, it’s incredibly frustrating especially when the guys have been doing so well. You just want to be a part of it, but it’s been good to watch how well they’re doing from the outside. Seeing them doing so well just makes you want to get out there even more.”

Although he’s frustrated by missing out on the team’s success so far this season, the achievements are not coming as a surprise to him.

“The on-field success has been in the making since I arrived here,” he said. “We’ve always had a very talented squad and some very good players. It’s a special Club and only people who come in and are a part of it get to see that. The guys are loving it at the moment and I’m not surprised by the success. They all put in the hard yards and when you add to that the talent and desire that we have then you get the results.”

Although he’s been sitting out the cricket, he has still been busy. “I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym with Joel Tratt (SCCC Head of Strength & Conditioning) and Jamie Thorpe (SCCC Head of Science & Medicine),” Tim explained. “We’ve had a good rehab plan in place and I’ve been working hard on that. I’ve also been able to spend some time with my family which is something that certainly doesn’t normally happen during the summer.

“I’ve been back bowling a lot in the last two weeks and I’m feeling like I’m in a really good place at the moment. Hopefully I can be part of a squad for the last few weeks of the season.”


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