What will happen this winter?

With the 2020 season now consigned to the vaults, what will the players and coaching staff be doing this winter.

Who better to give us an insight than Head Coach, Jason Kerr?

“The players will get some time off now,” Jason explained. “Other than the guys who have some work to do from an injury or recovery point of view, they will be away from the ground for most of October. Any surgeries that are required will be booked in as soon as possible in order to maximise recovery time.

“The reality is that they deserve some time off after everything they’ve put in to the last few months. We will look to return in November, as we would do normally, and we will have bespoke programmes in place for everyone. In order to do that we will sit down with everyone in the next few days and look at what their individual needs are throughout the winter. We’ll combine this with any aspirational work that they might be doing or working toward.

“Those will be the first steps as we build for next year.

“Obviously, we will constantly be keeping an eye on the Covid-19 situation and ensuring that any work we plan to do adheres to the guidelines that are in place from a health and wellbeing point of view.

“Normally a lot of the guys go abroad to play cricket during the winter and I know a lot of them had plans to do so this year. That is looking unlikely at the moment and I think that provides us with a fantastic opportunity as a group.

“We never really have the whole group together in the winter as a unit but that could very well happen this year. It will enable us to have some honest and open conversations about where we can improve both on and off the field. I’m a huge believer in the importance of developing the person as well as just the player. For me, the opportunity to have that extra time as a full unit is really exciting.”

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