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SUAVE OWL has been Official Menswear Partner to Somerset CCC since 2021, providing the gents with club outfits. The club cohesion looks fantastic in matching suits with team colour accessories. They’re always game-ready in their travelling chinos and polo too. Sponsoring SCCC is a point of pride, and the SUAVE OWL team love a day spent at the grounds.

SUAVE OWL is a one-stop shop for a gentlemen’s clothing needs. A multi award-winning independent retailer, SUAVE OWL offers clothing options for all sizes, believing any man should get to look and feel his best.

SUAVE OWL started in 2017 as a formalwear shop in Keynsham on the outskirts of Bristol and Bath. The shop was originally in a roughly 100 square foot space, with a few suits, shirts, and shoes. Through providing excellent service, they built a fantastic reputation and a base of loyal customers.

After introducing a casualwear selection plus a SUAVE OWL branded range, the store moved to central Bath in 2020. The current shop is almost ten times the size of the first. With formalwear, casualwear, shoes and accessories, you can find yourself a whole new wardrobe at SUAVE OWL’S home on Milsom Street, Bath. Whether you want to look like a classic gentleman or the modern man, there will be something for you.

SUAVE OWL’s full selection is available online for order and delivery, but a visit to our store is a must!

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